Cara Loren

Cara Loren has been a blogger since 2010, she shares everything about her passion for life. Her main focus of work has been in lifestyle blogging, from anything from fashion to lifestyle travel. She has successfully turned her platform into not only a creative outlet, but a brand and successful business.

She launched her shop in 2017 where she has continued to flourish in expanding her brand into e-commerce sales. Cara loves anything fashion, fitness, beauty and lifestyle and is expanding her brand into home decor launching later this year.

“ I have loved working with Smash on all fronts! Their team is extremely talented and easy to work with! We have loved the design work they have done on our blog and other projects and they continue to help us grow our business in various ways!


Cara’s goals for her brand and site were to have a brand that had darker tones, with an editorial emphasis.

She knew she wanted to move her growth outside of Instagram, and her goals were to have a cohesive way to have that make sense for her growing brand.


Cara booked our team for a revamp of her blog in 2018. Cara came to us with an initial blog re-design in mind. Since then, she has moved from blogger and content creator, into a shop owner and other lifestyle extensions.

For the logo, our designer focused on a high end clean feel to complement her warm yet high-end style. The color choices were updated as well to create cohesion to what was already there.

For the website our designer put a heavy emphasis on images over content. She wanted a strong editorial look, and the design we implemented and created emphasizes that. We helped her create continued strategy for her brand. We helped emphasize the importance of certain business and brand strategy to create additional revenue streams outside of Instagram. More updates to her on going projects will be shared here.

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