Dede Raad

Dede Raad is a lover of all things fashion, travel and family. She is half German and half Palestinian and can understand and speak a little bit of Arabic.

After college, she tried the corporate America oil & gas route which was not for her. After that, she went on to be a wedding planner for two years at the most beautiful castle called Chateau Cocomar. The wedding industry is where she discovered my passion for design.

Dress Up Buttercup is a community for women to inspire other women to feel confident. She absolutely loves getting to know her community online and being able to share her family.


Dede wanted to make sure her affiliate links from her blog were bringing her income just as efficiently as her website could.

She didn’t want to make the mistake of putting all her eggs in the Instagram basket and insead, wanted her website to be the home source of income revenue. She wanted to pivot and make her website a beautiful shopping experience.


Dede booked our team for a re-design of her blog at the end 2019. Dede was excited to create a new approach to her blog; to create an easier shopping experience for her loyal readers. This project had a heavy emphasis on giving her “personal shopper” persona more strategy by making sure the site strategy supported increase in revenue.

For the brand design, our designer focused on a fun yet clean feel to complement her hip and down to earth style. The color choices were neutral, but with a pop of red. That pop of red added an emphasis on Dede’s “notes”, to highlight what is on sale, what’s back in stock, or what’s her top pick.

For the website our designer made sure the flow was able to support the wide array of products, without causing visual congestion. There are many topics, categories and products that are displayed. We gave Dede a cohesive design that lays this out in a clean and strategized way, so the shopper can find exactly what they’re looking for, and find inspiration from her latest post. We switched the feel of her website from a blog, to an e-commerce, personal shopping paradise.

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