Kathleen Barnes

Born in Nashville and raised in Mississippi, Kathleen and her husband recently relocated from California to Georgia after her husband finished his medical residency and fellowship. Kathleen likes to blend her Southern roots with laid-back West Coast inspiration.

Kathleen’s first job out of college was at a magazine, and she realized life after her degree wasn’t as effortlessly fabulous and sprinkled with sparkle as Carrie Bradshaw led her to believe post-grad life might be.

Kathleen likes to share attainable luxury and loves sharing her discoveries with her audience in not only fashion, but also home, travel, the kitchen, relationships, videos, personal content and more.

“Thank you so much for creating a site that will never crash when I share big announcements!”


One of Kathleen’s main goals was to have a strategy and design that would look beautiful on mobile. She wanted a strategic and clean way to showcase as much content as possible without having to scroll a lot. Her goal was to have  a large emphasis on her fashion and her lifestyle and beauty as a secondary feature.


Kathleen booked our team for a re-design of her blog in 2017. We helped Kathleen create a beautiful mobile focused blog, that looked great on desktop as well.

For the brand design, our designer revamped her logo and gave it a clean polish. We focused on a feminine feel, to complement her prominent content of feminine fashion. The color choices were neutral, but with a pop of a vibrant pink.

For the website our designer made sure the flow was able to support the high volume of content that would be published daily. We gave Kathleen a design that showcased her fashion content, with a secondary emphasis on her lifestyle and beauty content. The end result gave a cohesive and beautiful design.

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