Rachel Parcell

Rachel Parcell is a women’s clothing brand specializing in feminine and timeless pieces that will be worn time and time again. The brand was founded in January 2016 by Rachel Parcell, of the blog Pink Peonies and Tan France, of Queer Eye.

Rachel’s signature feminine and classic style have captured the hearts of women around the world and now she has brought that signature style to life by creating a full custom designed brand.

A year after blogging she was offered a design job by a local clothing brand based in Salt Lake City. There she learned what it takes to work in fashion and she was able to go to Asia to visit the factories where the designs she and her team created were being produced. After a year of working for the brand, she left the company to further pursue all the opportunities that were coming her way through her blog.

Rachel now works on the brand with an incredible team based both in Salt Lake City and Seattle. You can shop the Rachel Parcell Collection exclusively at Nordstrom.

“I had a very specific vision and smash was so willing to do whatever it took to make it come to life! I couldn’t be happier with the finished product.”

Client Goals

One of Rachel’s main goals was to have a solid strategy, to move her assets outside Instagram. She wanted to increase her revenue streams with her own products, which meant getting a solid foundation with her site. She wanted a strategic and clean way to showcase her new Rachel Parcell brand, by allowing her platform to be more than just a focus on fashion.


Rachel booked our team for a re-design of her blog in 2017. Our team started her transition from blogger of Pink Peonies to the brand, Rachel Parcell. We’ve had the opportunity to dive into many projects with Rachel since then. Those projects have spanned many different website projects, shops and product launches.

For the overall brand design, our designer gave Rachel a clean, feminine logo. Her brand is very light, feminine and clean, as she wanted it to reflect and have a high-end quality.

For the website our designer made sure the flow was able to support the high volume of content. We gave Rahcel a design that showcased her main brand, with the ability to support new product launches. The end result gave a simple, cohesive and beautiful design.

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