Pros and Cons of Using Shopify

First things first, what is Shopify?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows people to build their own online store.

It’s quite straight-forward and easy to use – to set up a basic store you don’t need crazy tech skills or a big budget. This makes Shopify a fast and affordable way of creating your online store.

How Easy Is Shopify to Use?

It’s not the easiest platform out there but, as we mentioned, it is fairly straightforward. Your site won’t be live in five minutes, but Shopify does combine powerful e-commerce tools with an easy-to-use editor. Once you’ve set up your store it is quite easy to manage your inventory and day-to-day operations.

Why do we love Shopify?

Shopify has a clean, clear, and simple interface that makes managing your store quite easy, even for total beginners. Shopify packs a serious punch into its backend but its editor is smooth and easy to use.

Is Shopify the right platform for my business?

Here at Smash, we recommend Shopify for both small and large businesses looking to scale up their store. To help you decide whether or not this is the right e-commerce platform for you, we’ve put together a list of pros and cons.


  • Ideal for scaling
    Shopify’s impressive inventory system makes it ideal for scaling.
  • Multi-platform selling
    You can sell across multiple channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and eBay.
  • Extensive payment options
    Shopify supports over 100 payment options, as well as providing their own, Shopify Payments.


  • Not as easy to set up
    Shopify’s website builder takes a while to get used to.
  • Overly-reliant on apps
    Shopify has few built-in features so you’ll need to use apps to boost the functionality of your store.
  • More expensive than it appears
    Transaction fees, plus the need for additional apps, can hike up the cost of running your store.
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