5 Easy Content Ideas For The Holiday Season

Content Ideas For The Holiday Season
Content Ideas For The Holiday Season

It’s never too early to start planning your holiday content! If anything, the earlier you start planning your holiday content strategy, the better you’ll set yourself up for a successful Holiday season.

To prepare for the holiday season, you typically supplement your content with Holiday themed posts, feature limited edition products and create tailored newsletters and campaigns. The holidays are the ideal time to create engaging content inspired by the season. Audiences are eager to consume holiday related content and are expecting to see it prominently featured on their favorite social media profiles, blogs, and online stores.

If you are feeling behind in your content creation for the holidays, here are 5 ideas to get you started.

1. Next Year Teasers 

Give your audience a sneak peek of what’s in store for next year. This is your chance to share exciting news, such as the launch of a new product or service. 

Not sure what projects you’ll be working on next year? You can use a survey or poll through Instagram stories to learn what your audience would want to see from you. 

2. Holiday Gift Guides

This is a classic, and for a good reason! Everyone is looking for gifts around the holidays, but now more than ever “the perfect gift” is hard to come by. Help your audience shop more efficiently by providing them with your top picks.

Tip: The key to making gift guides especially useful is segmenting them as much as possible. Try organizing your gift guides based on budget, type of relationship, interests, age and hobbies.

3. Holiday Style Tips

Holidays are full of events – at work, friends’ houses, neighbors, family members, there is always something going on. Helping your audiences figure out the best outfit to wear for each of these occasions can be fun and very useful. 

Tip: Take advantage of interactive formats to create engaging content your audience will love. And don’t forget to link all your recommendations!

4. Holiday Countdown /Content of the Day 

Organizing your content in a countdown format can be an interesting way to keep your audience engaged throughout the holiday season. Creating content around a concept and highlighting it every day can be a fun way to lead up to the holidays. Moreover, if you offer products or services, this can be a great opportunity to send special offers to your clients. 

5. Offer a holiday season special offering

Another great idea for small businesses is to put together a service offering that can help clients during the holiday season. Consider offering something that is relevant to the season but fits in with the rest of your products or services.

For example, a skincare company could bundle their best-selling hydrating products to help fight off dry skin during the winter months. Throw some holiday packaging, and you have a cute gift idea to offer your clients!

We hope you found these content ideas useful and we can’t wait to see all your holiday content!

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